A summary from today’s conversation

These are a few of the things that emerged from today’s conversation with Erin Harrington

  1. Alaskan connections to salmon are virtually universal in the state and transcend simple political and religious lines
  2. Knowledge is place based, which is simultaneously empowering (individuals protect those things they love, and typically love the things they know locally) and inhibiting (creates a myopic bias that can keep individuals from seeing the bigger picture)
  3. Maintaining the connection and relationship to salmon by Alaskans is a tangible goal for increasing likelihood of sustainability
  4. Sustainability is, at least in large part, an emergent property of locally adapted salmon populations and habitat diversity
  5. A single ¬†assessment of ‘the state of Alaska salmon’ would be ¬†misleading as the issues are local (place-based) and differ among regions
  6. Salmon issues are often (usually?) depicted in the context of conflict among user groups
  7. Measuring success of social campaigns is difficult at best

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