Summary of conversation with Jeff Milton

  1. People are passionate  and  emotional about salmon
  2. Alaska still has lots of opportunities for salmon persistence if we don’t mess it up!
  3. Over 2 billion fish released in Alaska each year!
  4. Salmon are the ultimate ‘investors’ by spreading risk over life histories and stocks
  5. Integrated hatchery programs spawn fish using wild broodstock and therefore reduce the potential for domestication to evolve
  6. Jeff oversees the sport fish hatcheries and there is a separate PNP hatchery coordinator
  7. Ocean carrying capacity  potentially being pushed to the limit by pink and chum salmon production
  8. Alaska is more nimble than other locales because ADFG has management authority and can alter stocking plans immediately if deemed necessary
  9. Currently there is limited monitoring to assess the on impacts of  hatchery fish on wild populations in Alaska

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