Family on the riverGo to:

Click on ‘Sign In’ on top right corner

Click on ‘Create Account’

Enter your email address (the one you use to log into the class website)

Create a user name and password and click ‘Sign Up’

You will receive a confirmation email link in your inbox from (the home of Gravatar)

Click ‘Activate Account’ in the email

Add additional email addresses that will link to this Gravatar (e.g. your gmail account)

Click ‘Add a new image’ to upload a photo of yourself (from your computer, from a website URL, from your webcam, or from past uploads if you have used Gravatar before)

On the next page crop your photo tight to your face so we can recognize you (or the image you want us to see)

Please rate your image as ‘G’ meaning it will be used on all sites. Anything more than a ‘G’ is not appropriate for class setting

That’s it! Now when you make posts you should see that image rather than the lame blue place holder.

493 Fish UX1 (200, 400, 600)