Our weekly lab section will provide time to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. provide hands-on skills and direction from Instructor and Guest Experts on strategies for tackling group project,
  2. provide time for group work, strategizing, planning, and implementation of term project,
  3. provide additional time for
    group discussion as needed.

Additional details about the group term-length project will be provided at the first laboratory section meeting on January 15th Briefly, students will be challenged to self-organize into groups based on guidance of having a balance of intellectual diversity and group) and will identify a topic that will form the basis of their project for the term. Groups will be challenged to identify ‘something that every Alaskan needs to know about the Pacific salmon system’, research it, and then communicate it in a way that is accessible to as wide a cross-section of Alaskan stakeholders as possible.

To accomplish this work, we will partner with the Salmon Project (salmon an NGO working to increase ‘Salmon Literacy’ in Alaska.

Note that 25% of your entire class score comes from work in the lab session.


LAB #2 Counting Fish!


LAB #3 Manager for a day and introduction to SalRUSE!





LAB # 5


493 Fish UX1 (200, 400, 600)